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Incense of the West

Wood Brick Incense Box

Wood Brick Incense Box

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40 count box per box.

PIÑON: Smells like winter in Northern New Mexico. Fires burning in each home, smoke drifting lazily out the chimneys while the snow glistens crisply in the shadows.

CEDAR: One of the most popular fire-woods in the US. When burned it has a musky and pleasant fragrance that for many is reminiscent of the holidays. This fragrance comes from the oil of the Cedar wood and has amazing cleansing properties. It is used to purify a new home or purge a space of unpleasantness, and is also used in the practice of smudging.

JUNIPER: Described as the perfume of the dessert with a fragrance similar to cedar with hints of gin. Juniper trees grow throughout the world, but the western variety is found along the Rocky Mountains from Mexico to Canada. In many different Native American beliefs Juniper is associated with protection.

FIR BALSAM: Our only “evergreen fragrance” with a crisp pine smell reminiscent of the Christmas holidays. Fir Balsam are more commonly found in the Northeast part of the United States

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