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Sounds NYC

Sounds NYC Candle

Sounds NYC Candle

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Sounds NYC Candle. Crafted using only pure essential oils and natural soy wax. Poured with love in small batches in New York. 7 oz. Approximately 42-hour burn time. Recyclable packaging. When the 42-hour burn time is up, clean out the candle glass, remove the sticker, and enjoy the vessel as a cocktail glass, pen holder, catch-all, or whatever you’d like!

Cruelty free, sustainably sourced, eco conscious, woman owned business.

BanyaA serene, woody, clean-burning candle in the signature Banya scent. Strong notes of sweet and terpentenic Japanese hinoki pair seamlessly with dry, balsamic Texas Cedarwood to create a pacifying woody aroma.

Chime: The Chime Candle packs a juicy punch that fills any room with an aroma evocative of sunshine and optimism. Bright, astringent yuzu and zesty pink grapefruit are mellowed by bitter-dry petitgrain and warm black pepper to create a feel-good, summery, citrus scent.

MysticA globe-trotting, potent, clean-burning candle in the signature Mystic scent. Smoldering palo santo, crisp lavender, and earthy vetiver mingle to permeate any space with a sense of wonder.

MeadowMeadow Candle combines the sensory elements of a pastoral, late summer stroll to create an aroma that grounds and pacifies. Dry, grassy hops mix with water-rich cucumber and tomato create a scent base reminiscent of your backyard vegetable garden. Notes of sweet, herbal lavender, fennel, and basil add air and softness to the scent.

CampA spicy, terpentenic, clean-burning candle in the signature Camp scent. Prickly, herbal camphor swirls with delicate ho wood to create a scent that opens the senses. Bonus! Camp Candle is great lit anywhere in your home, but burn near a steamy shower or bath to open breathing passages, or burn outdoors to reap the natural mosquito-repelling benefits of camphor.

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