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Honey Moon Coffee

Peace of Mind (Whole Bean Coffee)

Peace of Mind (Whole Bean Coffee)

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  • Origin: San Ramón, Nicaragua
  • Producer: San Ramón Cooperative
  • Varietals: Bourbon, Caturra, Typica, Red/Yellow Catuai, Gesha, Maragogipe & Sarchimor
  • Elevation: 700-1,000 meters
  • Processes: Wet-processed, sun-dried
  • Harmonious and well-rounded, with notes of pine & dark chocolate

PEACE OF MIND is a sweet and herbaceous, single-origin blend of coffee varietals that we are proud to offer in collaboration with the Community Agroecology Network (CAN), a food sovereignty-focused organization based out of Santa Cruz, California. For the past 15+ years, CAN has worked closely with two small coffee farmer co-ops in central Nicaragua's San Ramón, supporting their biodiverse coffee forests while simultaneously realizing forward-thinking community projects.

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